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About Us

We all must do what we can to make the world a better place. If you live in an apartment complex and have neighbors, would you blast music all night? You would be considerate and be mindful that you are not alone. Well, we are all neighbors of earth. I am simply doing my part. I love music. This is my talent. Everything you will be hearing in ricky's music is written and performed by Ricky. All instruments played by Ricky. All vocals written and performed by Ricky. All recording done by Ricky. I use the same concept for my music as I use for my philosophy of life. Natural and real is always the way to go. I thank God for granting me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to even attempt such a feat. yes I cannot do it alone. I am asking for support. Save the earth that we all came from with weapons of nature. Here is my legacy.

All Profit from this Website is used for the enablement of Rickeysville. The term Rickeysville is a symbol for naturalism. Forget religion and law (constitution) and letís go back to nature and common sense. Letís reboot our natural and primal instincts. The same way your pc is overloaded and needs to be defragmented and restarted. The earth needs a cleaning. It needs a break. This is a positive message and one of peace. I hope that I will not offend anyone with my opinions. Itís now or never.

 Shall we dance?

To whom it may concern:
I am sending a copy of this thesis to President Obama as a deterrent from another great depression. If he cares about America he will read and consider this solution. For over three years he and others has had no success in fixing the economy. Many have tried and failed. Even while we were supposedly doing well, we were just setting up for this fall. Itís like building a house of cards. One story at a time but it will eventually fall. The economy has fallen. Don't occupy Wall Street. Occupy the forest and the earth with seeds.
Then said unto me, he that is, was, and is to come. Son of man, take up your parable and speak. Be not afraid, for what knowledge is there against the truth? Furthermore, is it not I that has sent thee?
Given this obligation, through the spirit I have comprised a thesis that might be of assistance to many in today's world. What if there was a solution to the poverty problem all over the world? Not only in the US and western nations but in the East and all third world and impoverished countries as well? Is there such a thing as fair? Can we truly ever be equal? The answer is yes, and beyond yes.
Even with a caste system imputed in all societies and inescapable by both rich and poor, there is a way. Where there is a will. Life is very simple and the best things in it are free and easily obtained. Furthermore we are born with all we need to survive. Natural and basic instinct. Before Law and religion came into existence there was common sense.
I feel that this thesis will be accepted by many. The governments of the world need to set aside a part of their land for those wanting to live natural. When a species is in danger we have laws to protect them. What about mankind? We are endangered. We are killing ourselves. I appeal to president Obama. He claims to be the president of change. He did not lie because there are things being done now in our legal system that would have never been accepted before. If this is the land of the free then we should have a choice. If your choices are limited and stifled are you truly free? I challenge America to prove that we are free. What is the value of my citizenship? If this option is put on the table many will opt to do it. The answer to our economic problem is to open a door and let people freely choose to not collect unemployment or welfare. Use that money as a stimulus to a bright and natural future. If you provide seeds one time, you will not need to do it again. Each fruit has its own seed and that is a way of recycling. That money can be used to teach people how to farm and dig wells and build. As well as teach how to use the natural elements that are provided by nature. I am sure that the rich will be the last to leave their wealth and go natural but I call on them as well to invest in this movement. By doing so, you will become even richer. Once people leave, you will have more jobs and cars for yourselves. Whatever pleases you. At the end of the day everyone is happy and the president is a hero.
Whether you believe the Bible or not, we must all concede that the knowledge and wisdom suggested can assuredly remedy Anti-life and unnatural behavior which has now been adopted as normal and associated with the word civilized.
If you stand for love then you would abide by the golden rule. To treat others as you would like to be treated. I will not go as far as to say love each other but just show that mutual respect. With this law instituted would we have murder and violence? If you are under this rule and harm or kill someone, this would illustrate your will to harm or kill yourself. In which case you can cut out the middle man and just kill yourself. Again only if this rule is made law and we all abide by it. As you would have done to you, so you should do to others.
Food, health and shelter from the elements are all provided by nature at no cost. Before our minds were polluted with all pagan imaginations and long before the uses of our body parts were experimentally exploited, there was no need for clothing. Unfortunately itís too late. In order to abstain from sodometic temptation we must now cover ourselves. Most do a poor job of it, nevertheless, not to a point that the law of the land is offended. It is becoming harder and harder to offend the law at all because it seems everything is accepted nowadays.
Mankind fights for power. What is power? You get all the gold and pieces of paper with pictures of dead people on it. Great! Good for you. Now what? You will do what with it? Spend it on food, maintaining good health and shelter. These are all free if we work together on a humble basis. If it weren't for satellite radiation providing signals for Internet and cell phones, lazy people that use microwaves instead of a stove and experimental drugs made to cure complications from the prior drugs along with the unnatural additives like pesticides and speed growth drugs, we would be fine.
Why not just nip it in the bud? There is no excuse for a nation claiming to be civilized and so educated to have all this avoidable unnatural death. Do we really need technology? Did our ancestors need it? Well the fact that they did not have it and we are still here shows that we didn't need it. We can do without pills, weapons and an addiction to boosting our ego. What will happen when nature is fed up and delivers a strong blow to all unnatural things? The power of the wind, hurricane and tornadoes, Water (tsunami) or fire (forest fires). What if it knocks out the computer system like a snow storm can knock out electricity? Where will we be left? Why are we so lazy? Why canít we do math problems in our head instead of using a calculator? Use it or lose it. The more dependent we become on technology is the less we use our heads. To the point that those we refer to as heroes are guys playing with balls. When it should be our teachers.
What about riding a bike or donkey. Take a boat. These things are natural. I don't understand why some rich people spend so much money trying to get back to nature. Trips to islands, vacation homes in the forest and Do things like mountain climbing deep water diving. That energy can be exhorted in a productive way. Why do people risk their lives to come to America when the places they are have food and shelter? They come chasing a piece of metal (car) and products they have heard is so great and make life easier. There are no shortcuts. We are moving backwards each time we claim we are moving forward. When will it end?
Does it not rain? Is not 2/3 of the world water? Does not the sun shine at its expected time? Are not these the key ingredients for food? Do we have to do some form of labor to stimulate, cue, or prompt these occurrences? No.
Depending on which part of the world you inhabit and the climate, one might have to actually put in some work to build a safe place and escape the elements. Chop a tree, mix cement or just find a cave somewhere. The purpose is to be protected from extremities as well as give other living creatures their space. Snakes, insects and lions etc... At the end of the day the work is far from impossible. When a few of us get together it becomes that much easier. When built properly, a shelter can last for a long time. If for any reason it needs to be replaced, the trees are plentiful and free in the forest.
As the population grows, we can no longer depend on wild venison to provide food. We must adopt a system of Agriculture and irrigation not only to multiply produce but to make it safe and isolate it. This way it will be easier for us to locate when needed. Saves time instead of having to go hunting and compete with the animals. Demographics play a large role in Production. Letís say something you might need for your favorite dish is not able to grow where you reside. Then you must send for it and in return send a product that is unable to grow in the place you are sending from. Barter. The transporter must get his share from both parties. He has no time to farm because he is back and forth delivering food. We all eat. At the end of the day we all have a full meal and are happy.
It has been said that you are what you eat. Everything needs fuel. People, Plants and even the car needs gas and the printer needs ink. Now what kind of fuel you utilize is detrimental to the long Gevity of subject. If you take a human being and turn them upside down, what do you get? Donít you get a tree? The head(brain), submerged in the ground and the legs and arms extending as branches from the stem (the spinal cord). If we are a plant, then what does common sense tells us we should eat? Even the Bible, for those who believe tells us that we came from the ground. I don't find that hard to believe because I see how easily we return there after we expire. Our bodies were not made to digest flesh. It only rots and pass through us occasionally leaving a virus or two. The law of love does not allow a living creature to take the life of another living creature.
How do you thank the cow for providing milk, which is so broadly used for products like ice cream, cake and my favorite, coffee, we eat a hamburger with a leather jacket on. Is that manís nature? You even have some people claiming to be animal lovers and have marches and raise money to support the animals. How can you have fluffy in your right hand petting and kissing him and on the same token have a hot dog (his cousin) in your left hand? They are related. The same as human beings are one family. Whether Black, White, tall, short, fat skinny, we are all humans. An animal is an animal. As you eat a tuna sandwich as you stand picketing to save the whales. The native Americans showed the first pioneers how to get the most out of the land and how were they thanked? Their blood bathed the same land.
Should we really risk our life and health for some metal? Kill for gold? Why is the world so fast paste? What are we rushing for? Why canít we just enjoy each otherís company in a natural habitat with respect? The way it was meant to be. Why do we need weapons and solders and manmade medication? Because somewhere along the line mankind screwed up.
Most people like to imagine. I know this because the movie theatre is always packed. Imagine with me for a minute. If we can eliminate technology and unnatural practices how beautiful the earth would be. Where did problems come from? Man going against nature. I was not present when the world was created but as a natural common sense person I can see that the earth provides for all living the way a woman provides for her offspring.
A woman is the most precious thing on the planet. She alone replenishes the earth. What can the apple seed do without the earth to rest in? If you plant an apple seed don't you get apples? Or, an orange seed? Oranges? The woman is the determining factor in what comes out of her. Whatever her thoughts are throughout the pregnancy affects the child. A woman is to be delicate and covered and cherished like a diamond or precious stone. Not naked and lawless sharing herself with the world. If she lives corruptly, can you expect her offspring to be pure? Does the apple fall far from the tree?
Is it not all common sense? 1+1=2? One woman and one man. Our body members were made for this equation. The answer is more life and continued living. Anything aside from this is taboo and against nature. 2 men and 1 woman etc... It does not add up. All who are pro-life please join me. Protect life by exercising the golden rule.
Sincerely Yours
                                                   MY Thoughts
                                             more and more!
Give me an inch and I will take a yard.
Is it ever enough? Will we ever be satisfied?
As Human beings we have a tendency to scratch every ich, quench our thirst and to satisfy our curiosity. Whether it be for sex, food or simply to feed our ego. We have a strong addiction to entertainment. At all times something or someone must be paying us attention. To neglect this addiction can prove fatal. The term bored stems from our adriniline hovering at a stable or normal level. There is a desperate need to activate it. To raise the level, if you will. Depending on who or where you are it may take a bit more to achieve such a feat.
Someone that grows up on a farm, that is unexposed to the so-called thrills of technology would require much less adventure to get high on an adriniline rush. On the other hand, someone born in a modern society would have a high tolerance. Am I alone in noticing how rapidly our children are developing? The truth is that it takes a longer time to teach them how to cook, wash and sew cloths manually. How to solve problems and research without using google. Does anyone own encyclopedias anymore? What happened to the stop and smell the roses concept? Now we teach our children at a younger age to do things the technological way. This in turn speeds up the completion of task and almost eliminates the experience process. Just press a button and the machine, microwave or computer will do it all for you. Relax your mind and become dependant on technology. Look how easy it is and how fast the task is accomplished. This behaivor relieves any concensis for mental developement and hampers spiritual growth.
So here we are, entertainment addicts. Our daily tasks are accomplished in a matter of minuites. Manual labor jobs are being taken by robots and we wonder why the unemployment rate is so high. They have gone as far as to invent a robot that is self sufficient. One that can repair itself or if their is a group of them, and one malfunctions, the one next to it can fix it. We are in constant need of a fix. We are board again. As with all activity, after repeating it several times it is not exciting anymore. It becomes second nature and cannot satisfy our addition as at the first. Hungry and thirsty for a thrill we explore new ways of raising our adriniline. Lets use intimacy/entercourse as an example, this is a subject we can all relate to, weather your partner is male, female or animal. I remember as a child growing up that we had limited exposure to technology. No tv or vedio games. We did things like make kytes from scratch just using scraps, We made clay figurines using mud and put it on the roof to dry. I would climb a tree to get fruits, make a sling shot from the branches or a bow and arrow. We would have contests to see who was the best shot. We exercised our minds and bodies. when was the last time you saw a child say, hey lets race? When was the last time you saw a group of girls jumping rope? Instead the children experiment with sex and drugs. Children having children and children killing children as a result of direct exposure to violent video games and movies. Where they get the drugs and guns from I will leave for another discussion at another time. Any sensible person knows that we don't make them at home in the oven like a batch of cookies using ingredients from the corner store. Lets give a hand to technology and those in it just for the money and cares nothing about the overall effect of their inventions. The children are bored at a younger age and under the influence of steroid enhanced food. Now they are prompted them to experience life at way too fast a pace. Their emotions and hormones are not able to bear it. I was introduced to the television at age 7 and as I look back I can see how it stagnated my exploratory endeavors significantly. It did not effect me on the same level as the children of this generation because the characters on the shows were fully dressed and used appropriate language. At that time I was overwhelmed because it was new to me. It gave me a high. Today's television world is a different experience. It gives new meaning to the word fiction. What normal person would think of massacring people in a school, church or anywhere? Planting bombs? Where do they get these ideas from? How did they even know that a bomb existed?
I was kept in the dark about sex (the birds and the bees), on account of me having a traditional family. The first hint
of it came from television. I wondered why someone's tongue would be in another persons mouth and it turned my stomach. That was the extent of the explicitness. Nowadays children at that same age and younger are wondering about a lot more. They are exposed to a lot more via internet, billboards, television, video games and just everyday public conversation that they might overhear.
When I was young, I played video games that looked like video games. Now they look so realistic that your mind accepts it as real, especially at a vulnerable age. When the children see that the characters are blown up and come right back to life they feel that blowing someone up is not so bad. They can always come back like in the game. Where is mom and dad while they are playing these games anyway? Another topic. Another time. Even sex has become an intricate part of what is deemed entertainment for a child. Many years ago when a boy liked a girl he would hit her, then years later he would hold her hand to show that affection. Get her a rose. Now they get condoms and tickets to clubs using fake Id's and using drugs. The sad thing is that they are proud of it to a point that when and if they go back to school they brag and receive honor for doing such things. Now these children are exposed and strung out on technology which opens a world of unspeakably evil ideas. No such thing as puppy love anymore. They have full fledge sex without even knowing the person or person's(at the same time) name. So we offer them condoms as a way of saying it's OK. Who invented condoms anyway? What happened to abstinence or waiting till you are married? Or simply being monogomous if not married? Would disease spread if you do so? This exposure to technological entertainment renders us helpless and feigning to satisfy our lust. One partner is not enough anymore. Our tolerance level has grown. ordinary intercourse is out of the question. Now their is so many different kinds of sex which i wont mention for fear or potentially exposing a child to that option and becoming a transgressor of my own purpose. Some feel that human with human is boring and turn to animals. Yes. I said animals. If only Fido could talk. Remember when it was simply called sex?
The earth, I guess, is boring as well. Now mankind turns to the moon and outer space to satisfy their addition. I guess the earth is not good enough anymore. We want to be like superman or my favorite martian. Travel the planets like startreck. Where do these ideas come from? There is a war going on between reality and fiction. People like myself defend the earth mother nature, simplicity and right. I want life straight with no chaser. The more we corrupt our thinking with this garbage and allow technology to influence us is the further away from reality we drift.
We have vampires, werewolves, spiderman and batman. Each of these characters is real to some child and as the generations continue we will need to create even more ludicrous characters to satisfy our addition to entertainment. Where is reality? Why are we not happy with who we are? Is the fictional halloween an everyday event. Why wear makeup and synthetic hair, panties with rubber butts, synthetic eyelashes and take unnatural supplements to gain or loose weight? Be real. Can those breast feed a child or simply decorate a child's birthday party? Did your parents name you James or Jamie? Erick or Ericka? Please forgive me. I am confused. I want to see real people and real things. I want to eat real food.
Technology is like a pair of 3-D glasses, except in today's society when the movie is over, no one wants to take it off. You must forgive me. Im that guy that spoils all the fun, makes you smell the coffee, that wakes you up from a pleasant dream and tells you its time to go to work. Im the one that looks the five year old in the eyes and change that beautiful smile into a frown and storm of tears at christmas time by telling them that santa is not real. It's a dirty job but somebody's gotta do it.

Forgive me!